Correct your vision using LASIK

Surgical alternatives to LASIK eye surgery give good results

You want to talk about our surgical alternatives to LASIK with your eye surgeon. These procedures are reasonably new and are performed less often than conventional LASIK surgery. Our LASIK eye surgeon is use laser to create surface ablations on the cornea without creating a corneal flap. This method cut only the very top layer of the cornea. The risk of the certain complications related with LASIK surgery may be reduced.
  • Conductive Keratoplasty is a thermal refractive surgery procedure used to correct mild to moderate farsightedness in people over age 40- 42 by use of minute search that releases controlled amounts of radio normally, instead of a laser, to apply heat to the marginal portion of the cornea. Farsightedness may return over time. Lasik are used to correct your vision problems caused by cataracts and other Refractory problems that are too sever

  • To correct with corneal based refractive surgery. Our laser and LASIK eye treatment surgeon will personally meet with you at your consultation to ensure the highest level of medical expertise each and every step of the way. Our experts are the most accomplish and experienced eye surgeons. Our LASIK eye surgeon is internationally recognized and is regularly asked to speak on various topic and his own results at national and world eye surgery conferences

LASIK eye surgery in effective correction of vision problems

LASIK eye surgery reduces the dependence on glasses and contact lens by effective correction of refractive error. Moreover laser eye surgery improves recreational activities like water sports or any contact sports without wearing glasses or contact lens. Laser eye surgery is often a quick and painless surgical procedure that enhances your vision and eliminates the need of contact lenses or glasses. This surgery is done using laser that effectively changes shape of cornea that is clear covering of front of eye. We educate you well about the various risks and benefits before performing the eye surgery to avoid any potential damages to your eyes.
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General refractive errors that led to serious vision disorders

Emmetropia is the condition of normal eye when parallel rays are focused exactly on the retina and vision is perfect. When light does not focus directly on the retina, the eye has a refractive error. This means that with the appropriate refractive correction lens like glasses or contact lenses, incoming light rays become focused onto the retina thus producing clear vision.In myopia, the eye is longer than normal, preventing light rays from focusing directly on the retina. Light rays come together at a point in front of the retina, and are out of focus on the retina. Distant objects are blurred, but nearby objects are clear. In hyperopia, the eye is shorter than normal. Light rays come together at a point behind the retina, and are therefore out of focus on the retina. Nearby objects can appear blurry, while distant objects are clearer. Sparingly farsighted patients will report that even distant objects appear blurry.