Importance of LASIK

Important steps to be followed during LASIK eye surgery

LASIK eye surgery has risk because it is very high effective surgical procedure.
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    Our LASIK eye surgeon and staff are friendly, well mannered throughout the entire cataract eye surgery process and our experienced cataract eye surgeon will explain the cataract eye surgical procedure before performing the surgery. Our experienced LASIK eye surgeon applies anesthesia to your eye and our well trained nurses also help in your eye surgery by offering intravenous liquid. Our eye surgeon will make a small cut in your cornea and investigate

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    your eye condition in order to break up and take out the cataract and our experienced surgeon place the new lens in your eye and at the end of the cataract eye surgery small stitches are used to close it. If you feel pain or itching after the surgery you should inform to your LASIK eye surgeon will provide you with medicines to reduce the pain and itching sensation. Thus intraocular lenses provide good vision after the cataract eye surgery and you can enjoy your lifestyle without specs.

Lasik surgery is suitable for vision correction in eyes

LASIK Eye surgeon will check your eyes if they are well and sufficient for the process. They calculate the shape and thickness of your cornea, pupil size refractive errors and if any other eye condition exists. The dankness of your eyes is also evaluated and a protective cure is recommended to reduce your risk of increasing dry eyes after LASIK eye surgery. Patients can go home after a few days of improvement from our hospital and you should need to visit for few days in order to ensure healing of your eye properly. You should use eye drops that help you to avoid infection and irritation and you should avoid swimming. You should arrange for transport to reach your home because driving is not good after the surgery. Please avoid rubbing, pressing your eye and doing exercise is also restricted for a period of time after your cataract eye surgery.

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Best Wave front Optimized LASIK eye surgery treatment

With previous generations of laser it was possible to correct the spherical and cylindrical astigmatic components of the eye’s refractive error. In most instances the higher order aberration present in the eye were actually increased substantially by the treatment. The current generation of lasers, such as the Wavelight Allegretto, has been devised to create a treatment profile that does not increase the aberrations in the same way, but leaves the corneal profile in a more natural prelate shape. The enhanced precision and accuracy of this laser treatment programmed has the added benefit that it removes about 25% less corneal tissue thickness compared to the previous generations of laser. It avoids the creation of higher order aberrations, and achieves a better quality of optical correction. This is especially beneficial for maintaining the visual function in low light conditions, which was often a problem with earlier laser treatments. Wave front optimized LASIK now deliver consistently better visual results than previous laser treatment.